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i'm eating rat poison for dinner...

ryan robot
15 May 1983
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a clockwork orange, afi, alkaline trio, art, ash, atdi, azure ray, belle & sebastian, blur, boysetsfire, braid, bright eyes, built to spill, caramel macchiatos, cemeteries, chai, charlie chaplin, chemicals, circle takes the square, classic horror, comic books, cozy naps, crossword puzzles, curious eyes, cursive, d.w. griffith, death cab for cutie, denali, desaparecidos, elliott smith, endless conversations, fellini, fingers through hair, forensic science, franz ferdinand, gbh, glassjaw, godard, green tea, griffin and sabine, handwritten letters, hopeless romantics, hopesfall, interpol, iron and wine, jack and cokes, jawbreaker, joy division, kevin smith, kurosawa, lillian gish, ln2, lord of the flies, lotr, love notes, margaritas, mewithoutyou, mix tapes/cds, modest mouse, morrissey, motorist, mr. met, murder by death, music, my bloody valentine, my chemical romance, neutral milk hotel, new order, new platinum, new york mets, oil pastels, okkervil river, pen pals, peppermint tea, percussion, photography, piebald, placebo, q-cel, recover, refused, rilo kiley, secret messages, serge gainsbourg, shai hulud, silent film, skycamefalling, sleep station, sleepy kisses, soco + lime, soft lips, sparklehorse, special picnics, spoon, stargazing, stereolab, story time, surprises, sushi, swingsets, texas pete hot sauce, tguk, the beastie boys, the clash, the cure, the dead milkmen, the distillers, the faint, the mars volta, the postal service, the ramones, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the smoking popes, the stranger, the velvet underground, the weakerthans, the written word, thunderstorms, thursday, traffaut, train stations, vincent price, vonnegut, wasabi, whispering, wilco, wine, word games, writing, x-rays, yahoo graffiti, yeah yeah yeahs, yuengling